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Committed to an efficient and responsible production process


RDM Barcelona Cartonboard actively contributes to improving the quality of life and sustainable development through continuous improvement of environmental management and the management of occupational health and safety.



We develop our activity using energy and resources in a sustainable, efficient and economic way. At the same time, we promote the recovery and reuse of recycled products.


We recycle the urban forest


We manufacture recyclable cardboard from recycled fibers (WLC). Our plant is certified for the treatment and recycling of paper and cardboard, which comes from both printing presses and the selective collection of material from the municipal services of Barcelona and its surroundings.


They are materials that, once treated, constitute 90% of the raw material of our production process, giving rise to a cardboard that in turn is recyclable. In this way, we make the product life cycle almost infinite.


The 10% of virgin fiber added to our carton, for quality reasons, comes from sustainable forests.


We optimize energy and water consumption
We also commit to energy efficiency and lower water consumption. The 46 MW cogeneration plant allows us to save primary energy and reduce CO2 emissions considerably. Also, thanks to the biological treatment plant, we can treat the waste water to improve its quality and reuse the maximum amount necessary for the production process.

We value the waste generated
Most of the waste generated in our production process is converted into usable resources for other sectors, in order to minimize the amount of waste sent to the landfill. We are continuously searching for alternatives for the valuation of waste and for measures that allow us to increase the use of the materials in the production process.

We promote transparency
In order to consolidate our operations and develop economic, environmental and social issues in a sustainable manner, we have open dialogues and interactions with all interlocutors, governmental or not.

Occupational Health and Safety
Our commitment to the safety and health of our workers is paramount. For this purpose, we have developed a set of good practices and prevention systems that allow us to improve working conditions and protect all personnel from the risks that all work activities entail.

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We recycle the urban forest to create cardboard containers that convey image