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In 1965 the Capdevila –Tambar SA company built the largest industrial plant in Spain, occupying an area of more than 100 thousand square metres, in Castellbisball, dedicated to the manufacturing of coated cardboard. A large complex equipped with the latest machinery at that time (from the Finnish company OY Tampella) and with a clear objective: to offer customers unprecedented product quality and service.



In 1967 production begins.




In 1969, the company changed its name, and for the next 25 years was known as Tampella Española. During those 25 years the mill expanded its productive capacity and applied different technical reforms to its board machine, positioning the company among the top 20 in Europe for its capacity and quality.



In 1987 the first cogeneration plant was installed with a gas turbine, a pioneering project in the sector, which allows it to provide for most of the production, while taking advantage of the generated steam for the treatment and drying of the cardboard.



At the beginning of the 90’s the Finnish group Enso Gutzeit bought the Tampella group, which resulted a new name change in the company, Enso Española.



In 1996, the company invested in the construction of a new 46 MW cogeneration plant capable of fully supporting production.



In 1999, the Finnish multinational Enso and the Swedish company Stora merged to the well-known Stora Enso group, and the Castellbisbal company became known as Stora Enso Barcelona. 

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture



After almost 50 years of working with the Scandinavian multinational, Stora Enso for strategic reasons of production focused on the production of virgin and non-recycled fiber, sold the shares of the company in Barcelona to Quantum Capital Partners, a German investment group specialized in the purchase and development of companies from large industrial groups.


And so, in October of 2015 a new stage begins under the name of Barcelona Cartonboard SAU, with a strategic plan focused on maintaining the company’s leadership as the main manufacturer of recycled cardboard in the Iberian Peninsula and as one of the most important manufacturers in the South of Europe.




In 2018, RDM Group, the second European producer of cartonboard made from recycled fiber material, buys Barcelona Cartonboard.

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