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RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture



Our plant employs 225 people and has an annual production of 170 thousand tons of recycled cardboard.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




The recollection of recycled fibers from printing presses and the selective collection of paper and cardboard from municipal services and other recycling agents are managed in this section of the plant.


We then make an exhaustive selection of the material received, depending on its quality, with the aim of achieving a more efficient final product. The white cutout is mainly used in the printable outer layer of our TRIPLEX carton, while the other fibers are used on the reverse and middle layers.


Once selected, the pulp is prepared to serve as the basis for the preparation of the cardboard. We have 6 lines of pulp preparation, with the possibility of using virgin and recycled fibres

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




The plant's main warehouse houses the largest WLC board machine in the Iberian Peninsula, with an annual output of 170,000 tonnes. It is 152 m long with a net width of 3.92 m for 240 g and 4.01 m for 475 g.



The entire manufacturing process follows rigorous quality control, which begins with the selection of the raw material and covers all the phases of production. Scanners accurately control the grammage, thickness and moisture of the product.


The viscosity, solids, temperature and pH are controlled in the coating section. The objective is to obtain an optimal appearance and coating of the printable surface of the board, to offer excellent printing results.


In addition, the final product is subjected to various quality tests, such as the print test or physical-mechanical tests.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




Reliability and print performance are key factors in choosing a board for packaging. Our cardboard range responds to the most demanding needs for its high standards of quality, strength and consistency.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture





The cardboard can be cut as it comes out of the machine, the narrow reels ensure an effective manipulation of the board, while carrying out an exhaustive quality control.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




The cutting section is located in an adjacent warehouse. Equipped with 5 cutters and 1 rewinder, they convert the cardboard rolls in sheets, by means of a longitudinal and transversal cut. This process allows us to meet all our customers format needs, whether sheets or reels.


In this same section the roll are palced on pallets and are labelled automaticaly for storage.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




Complex of 3 warehouses located next to the cutting section to house the customer's products.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




Proximity is essential for all our clients.


The location of our production plant in Castellbisbal, very close to Barcelona and its main land and sea transport routes, allows us to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, from our plant in Spain or through our extensive international sales network, so that you have the proximity and personalized attention and support you need.

RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




Our electric cogeneration plant is one of the examples of our commitment to sustainability and the environment. It has a maximum capacity of 46 Mw which, in addition to supplying itself with sufficient energy and being connected to the grid, also uses the steam generated for the treatment and drying of the board, achieving high energy efficiency.


RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture




The plant for the treatment of wastewater, through an aerobic biological process and two reactors working in cycles, makes it possible for a large amount of the treated water to be reused for the production process, thus optimizing consumption.



The largest WLC board in the Iberian Peninsula


RDM Barcelona Cartonboard  |  Cardboard manufacture

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